Anti-Inflammatory Diet Helps Man Lose Weight, Kick Cravings, Nix Hypoglycemia + Lyme Disease After-Effects

You’re about to see my video interview with Julian Walker that features his life-changing results as a Case Study in TOTAL CRAVINGS CLEANSE: Your Ultimate Mind-Body Reboot, my premium training program. TOTAL CRAVINGS CLEANSE: Your Ultimate Mind-Body Reboot is a proven system that was born after the success of my bestselling book, Eat Like a Fatass, Look Like a Goddess, spurred such a barrage of inquiries about coaching with me, I knew I had to step up my one-on-one coaching to a training program that intimately serves as many food-lover health-seekers as possible, and goes even deeper than the ideas and practices I discuss in my book. And that’s exactly what I did. But I refused to release my training program until I knew it got results across the board for people truly ready to change. So I piloted my program with a team of dedicated Case Studies—women and men—struggling with some of the same health struggles you are. The results were extraordinary. Julian is one of these Case Studies. Julian is an internationally known leader in the field of yoga, meditation, bodywork and teacher training, and has been teaching since 1994. He is the brilliant author behind the books Awakened Heart, Embodied Mind and Devil In The Details. Needless to say, it was a real honor to work with Julian! After years of attempts to find a nutritional approach that worked for him in every way, Julian has now reclaimed his health because of the TOTAL CRAVINGS CLEANSE: Your Ultimate Mind-Body Reboot. The program empowered him to

  • lose weight (17 lbs in 28 days)  -- and one year after finishing the program, he's maintained his weight loss without even trying (see his follow-up testimonial below)
  • feel satisfied and evenly energized throughout the day
  • finally stabilize his blood sugar and insulin
  • experience a drastic reduction in pain and inflammation (he's phased out years of "taking a couple Advil in the morning and a couple Advil at night" to help with general body pains and the after-effect of Lyme disease)
  • eat healthier, more delicious, better quality foods that vitalize him--without spending more money than he did before the program
  • and more.

     The results have stood the test of time for Julian: one year after Julian graduated from TOTAL CRAVINGS CLEANSE, he wrote in to report:

When I did my program with Erika a year ago, I had amazing results. I dropped 17 lb in a month, hitting an ideal weight I had never dreamed I would, and actually did a shirtless yoga and fitness photoshoot to celebrate. 
Cut to one year later: I hadn’t gotten on the scale in a long time, and was really enjoying and feeling satisfied with my new way of eating that has had this fascinating effect: I want even smaller portions of food nowadays, and feel satiated for longer afterwards. I had experienced such profound satiety during the program a year ago, but things have only gotten better.
I also think that, over the course of the past year, my body’s way of metabolizing calories when I exercise has changed because I notice my body composition stays leaner even without increasing my exercise regime.
So I got on the scale and found not only had I kept off the weight I lost during the program one year ago, but I was actually 1 lb lighter than the day of my photoshoot at the end of the program–all with eating normally, and exercising at the same frequency and intensity as I have for several years now.
Erika’s program works. It is based on up-to-the-minute research that has radically changed how my body relates to food and exercise, processes calories and burns fat.”

And Julian isn’t alone. My other Case Studies experienced extraordinary results that transformed their food, bodies, health and lives—just like you can. Julian's interview gives you the lowdown on: Julian's History, Struggles & Health Concerns Before & After:

  • Julian's Blood Sugar, Cravings & Satisfaction 
  • Weight
  • How Long He Happily Goes Between Meals
  • Julian Gets Resensitized to the Difference Between True Hunger, Cravings & Emotional Eating
  • Julian Talks Energy Julian Discovered Healthier Food Doesn't Cost More with TOTAL CRAVINGS CLEANSE
  • Why Julian Is Committed to TOTAL CRAVINGS CLEANSE Teachings for Life  
  • For more on TOTAL CRAVINGS CLEANSE, click here.

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